Saturday, October 3, 2009

A new sign

Hi all,

I really wanted my first post to be something substantial, explaining who i am, who i was and the journey in between but instead i feel i must continue while I'm still on this particular thought train.

I came across this sign today on The Great Western Highway at Katoomba (in the Blue Mountains, NSW AUS).

It states "Jesus all about Life"

This got me thinking, what would be a suitable companion to this display of religious fervor...

So yes I'm going to use my first post for a list of possible "signs of logic" to adorn the space next to this wonder of medieval thinking.

"Science - explaining how it actually happened"

"Evidence - No imaginary friend necessary"

"The Big Bang - Not a scientific term for orgy"

"God - Would your friend tell you to burn things"

"Religion - Perfecting hatred since conception"

"Religion - Institutionalised segregation"

"Evolution - You wouldn't be here without it"

"Science - Natural explanations... are way cooler than supernatural ones"

So that's all i really got for now, but i will add more should an epiphany strike, or if anyone has any to add please keep this going.

I promise my next post will be bit more insightful... hopefully...


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