Sunday, October 18, 2009

I denounce my evil Atheist ways...

God hath spoken to me at 4:15am Sunday 18th October, via an anonymous mobile phone call from a young lady regurgitating Bible verses who then proceeded to invite me to their local Bible studies group at 6pm that night, well I'm converted... Not!

This young girl stated that God was speaking through her, here is how the the conversation went, (this may not be an exact transcript of the conversation as it was 4:15am and I had to ask my partner later if I had dreamed it)

Ring... Ring...
(Insert random Bible Verse here)
Ok who is this?

I was just wondering if you will come to our Bible studies group tonight?

You do realise that it's 4:45 in the morning
(I later realised that my clock is running 1/2 hour fast)

Yes, but God doesn't sleep.

Right... Who is this again???

The voice of God

Right... You don't sound like him.

God's speaking through me.

Ok... Can't he speak for himself?

Gods very busy

Right... so you speak to God?



So will you come to our Bible studies group tonight?

I don't think so

(This was the point I believe I actually woke up and realised what was going on)

Well just let me recite another Verse from the Bible

I hung up.

This was not the end of it as I placed my phone on silent and it continued to ring twice more, I was left a voice-mail message, (exact transcript)

Hi, we spoke about 2 seconds ago and I think we got disconnected, I just want to give you the details of our Bible group just in case you'd be interested in coming, it's at the *I'll leave the location out* if you'd like to come its at 6 o'clock, ok bye

So, umm... I don't really know where to start on this one, it is certainly a tactic that I haven't encountered before. Lets take this one point at a time.

  • This girl believes that she is the voice of God
  • She speaks to God regularly
  • God wants her to spread his word at 4:15 in the morning
  • She has my Mobile phone number... And God doesn't or maybe he can't get any reception

In closing I believe there are far better books, written by far more reliable sources that warrant and deserve discussion and study. The Bible should only be used as a time capsule to observe the thoughts, beliefs and practices of the period in which that particular section was written and even then only when backed up with scientific evidence.

To the anonymous girl who rang, I would be more than happy to discuss my view on things as long as you take the time to understand why I (for lack of a better word) believe there is no God and also not between the hours of 8pm & 7am (9am on weekends) as even Atheists need our sleep.



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